What do we Repair?

repair experience

The aim of our company is to partner with natural gas, electric, water, and oil utilities to ensure our mutual success. We have been working in utility field services for seven decades, and we are proud of our history as an industry leader, innovator, and effective partner. Our goal is to continue that excellent reputation with our expansive service repertoire- from leak detection, to pipeline integrity services, to workforce management and consulting. Southern Cross is proud to work with utilities across North America, and we would love to join your team.


The Flame Pack 400 is a hydrocarbon gas detector that utilizes hydrogen flame ionization (HFI) detection mode.

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'46 HAWK

The ’46 Hawk is a laser-based unit that detects, centers and pinpoints gas leaks.

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Contact us regarding repairs or servicing on other OEMs such as bascom turner, pipehorn, and other equipment.

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how to send for repairs

  1. Print and complete the below form and include it in the box with your item.
  2. Remove batteries and empty any fuel from cylinder before shipping. Empty fuel cylinder should be included in the box. The probe should also be included, as applicable.
  3. Equipment should be shipped in its original shipping/storage case and securely taped, not locked, for protection. Please include the original foam from your equipment’s case, otherwise Southern Cross will need to provide new foam at an additional charge to you.
  4. Ship the equipment to us:
  5. Southern Cross: Repair Department
    3175 Corners North Court, Peachtree Corners, GA 30071

  6. We will call you once we have completed an assessment on your item and can give you an estimate on the cost of the repair. You will not be charged until you accept the estimate.

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